Friday, August 12, 2011

For Sale

Today I was able to get some pictures of the Fabtron Endurance saddle that I'm listing for sale.  This was General's saddle, and it's never fit Tommy properly.  I started out trying some creative padding to try and find a solution, but ended up buying a Barefoot Tahoe that he likes.  Here are the specs:

Fabtron Endurance Saddle For Sale - Just go to the Catalog and you can get the specs
Center Fire Rigging
Full quarter horse bars
16 inch seat
Black Leather seat, pommel, and cantle.  The rest is black synthetic.  There are a few white horse hairs on everything, and there are a few scratches on the leather (see photos) but it's but it's in good condition.

The stirrups shown on the saddle are EZ Rides with cages.  I will be swapping those out with the regular stirrups that came with the saddle.

$350 plus shipping

Some lovely dust on the fender.  It's truly not discolored.  I should have hosed it off before I took the pictures, but I didn't notice the dust until I downloaded them.  It blends in better in person!

This one shows my cute little cell phone holder.  I'll be keeping that too!

This is the rigging directly under the stirrup fender, showing some normal rubs.

Here are my cantle scratches...because I can't judge the distance between myself and the door frame.

Underside...White fleece + White horse = CLEAN!  BONUS!

 Front view.  The saddle and tree are not truly crooked, I just had a hard time balancing the saddle on the post to get a photo for you.

I just did this to show the width of the gullet.  It has no real measurement value, unless you know the size of my hand. But it made sense at the time...

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