Monday, March 26, 2012

The Destruction of an Easyboot RX.

We've been enjoying some fabulous weather, and the boys have been outside nonstop.  The temps were in the 70s for almost 2 weeks, the grass has come on strong, and the Tommy is feeling his oats!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Update

I can't believe I've missed over a month of updates!  I'd like to say that we've had new and exciting experiences, but basically it went like this:

1.  Farrier pulled shoe and found serious thrush

2.  Cleantrax, cleantrax, cleantrax

3.  Tommy went to vet to see if canker was cleared up.

4.  Vet found infection in multiple areas of the hoof and opened them up.

5.  Cleantrax, cleantrax, straight bleach soak and more antibiotics for the canker area

6.  Switched to collodial silver to treat areas.  Went through a bottle, then went back to the thrushbuster.
Infection seems to be cleared up, move to every other day thrush treatments.

7.  My super sniffer thinks it smells infection.  Farrier comes back out, cuts a little back, and looks like it's clear.  We move to twice a week thrush treatments.

8.  I take off the wrap one day to find gray ooze.  Booo thrush.

9.  Back to the thrush medication.

10.  Weapon's farrier comes out for his trim and is nice enough to cut back the frog a bit more so I can get to it.  That was a week and a half ago, and we still have the gray ooze.  Its time to start some clean trax again.

In addition, the boys left the door open to the scales and Annie (the red one)

 got inside and got ahold of one of the EasyBoot RX's.

Until that point I had a pair, and I rotated because the material gets damp from the heat of his hoof and was holding moisture in.  So now we're down to one boot, and that one is ripping.  I'm hoping to get a few more weeks out of it, but we'll have to see.

I want to see what EasyBoot's new Back country - how great would it be if it came in draft horse sizes??

In the meantime, I have one adorable, loving, goofy, and fun loving red heeler to rehome....any takers??