Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Morning 2012!

This morning was an almost balmy 49 degrees.  I headed out to the barn to feed and then the weather started rolling in.

Hello storm clouds!

It didn't take very long for the wind to start howling.  Luckily the rain held off until right when I was walking across the barnyard with the grain. It would have sucked if I'd missed a good drenching!

Then the wind started.  I sounded like there was a semi truck coming up the lane.  I went around the side of the house to look, but nope.  Just the crazy wind.

The temperature has been dropping since then, and it looks like we'll be having some really yucky weather for next week.  Just in time for Tommy's farrier appointment.

It's been a slow couple of months.  Too wet for Tommy to get much turn out, and definately too wet for any riding.  I'm not complaining though, because I'd rather have 40s and rain than 20s and snow.  I'd like to do one ride in the snow, then it can go straight back to being warm!

I had grand plans of doing a Christmas photo of the horses in their Santa hats.  We did one test shoot just to see how that would work out.  Nobody was thrilled, but Weapon was his normal photogenic self.  I was going to crop out my hand and bit, but that just seems like too much work.

Tom was so far from thrilled it was funny. 

Then he shook the hat off and stepped on it.  That's what we think of Santa hats at our barn.

Next year I'll have to do Santa hat pictures in the summer when everyone's slick and shiny and pretty.  Clearly I couldn't be bothered to knock the mud off, but in my defense it was just supposed to be a test run.   I'd have done it properly later.  Really.

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