Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time for the Reveal!

Last Saturday was shoe removal day.  I was nail biting nervous to see what it looked like underneath.  I'm always biting my nails though so maybe that doesn't signify anything special.

Mark arrived and we got to work.  By "we" I mean Mark.  I just held the horse and offered helpful commentary like "I think he's going to move," and "Oops, did the dog just lick you?"  What can I say, Mark's lucky to have an owner like me looking out for him.  I'm sure some farm dogs are mean, right?  I mean, what's a little slobber between friends??  Annie's sure they are friends.  She's a little goofy though.

The shoe came off easily enough, and it appeared that the canker had not grown back.  The bad news is  the thrush came back strong.  Guess the copper silicone and my Thrush Buster didn't do it's job.  Or here's a scary thought...maybe it DID work and it's still this yucky.

Lucky for us it was one of the last nice days we had before our winter weather hit so we went right into a Clean Trax soak.

The hardest part is finding a bag big enough to go around and his hoof and strong enough to hold up to him standing on it that long.

I love Clean Trax.  It makes the hooves look so nice and clean and pretty when it's done.  One day I will do a Clean Trax soak on all four hooves and take before and after pictures so you can see just how nice it looks.  I think I need to wait till the $10 Congress sale first though!

I changed thrush medications.  I'd been squeezing some Thrush Buster under the silicone, but clearly it wasn't working very well, so I switched to Well Horse.  This product you apply with a toothbrush.  I squirted a bit in the hole and then scrubbed it all around.

Then I went a little crazy and applied it just about everywhere.

Then I put on our handy EasyBoot RX, and everyone went out for a little turnout in the beautiful sunshine.  Look - Weapon and I aren't even wearing our coats!

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  1. Poor fellow...that hole looks bad!!! It will take a while to clear up but it should over time get better.

    I used a 50/50 mix of athlete's feet cream and Neosporine to help clear up thrush. It is a never ending PITA!!!