Friday, March 18, 2011

The Check Up - March 9, 2011

On Wednesday March 9th I loaded Tommy up and took him back to Dr. A at East River Equine Hospital so that he could recheck his hoof.

Tommy was walking soundly and had only a bit of stiffness when he came out of the stall.  Dr. A was pleased to see that Tommy was not showing any signs of discomfort and that he was moving soundly.  He checked his hoof and found one remaining pocket of infection which he cleaned out.  He then repacked the hoof with medication and wrapped it up.  I should have thought to take photos before the medication was put in, but I didn't!

We went back into the office and reviewed the x-rays again.  Dr. A took the time to go over everything again.  Since our initial appointment I'd had time to process all of the information and had some questions.  I feel like he was more positive this time on Tommy's eventual return to useability based on his soundness today.

Dr. A will be meeting me at the farrier's on Friday to see the shoes and pads being put on.

Tommy went back to the barn for a little turn out time and he was full of hijinks.

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