Monday, March 7, 2011

These are a few of our favorite things...

Almost seven months into treatment, and I've found several things that make life easier.


Vetwrap is amazing.  Do not confuse the efficacy of Vetrap with the various copycat brands.  I've used several other brands, and have not found anything that has the same hold and durability as Vetrap.  I did notice that color played a part in the "stickiness" of those brands, with red being the worst by far.

Vetwrap is more expensive.  I was paying $2.29 per roll, but found a distributor last month for $1.69.   I've been using 1-2 wraps a day since September 14th.  I'm afraid to sit down and really do the math, but I know I've spend over $300 in bandages.

I heart you vetrap, but maybe I should have bought stock!

2.  Davis Soaking Boot

I finally broke down and bought one of these in January.  It's been the best $45 I spent throughout this whole ordeal.  Seriously.  This makes life so much easier.  Before I was soaking in a tall rubber feed tub and had to stand there and coax him to keep the foot in the tub.  With this I can pop it on the hoof and fill it with the medication du jour and leave him in the cross ties while I'm piddling around the barn or grooming him.  Even if he moves he can't dump it out.  It's been invaluable with the 45 - 60 minute soaks.

The only con IMO is that the fastening system could be better.  It took me a bit to get the hang of it, and it does not actually fit snug to the leg.

I wish I'd bought this in the beginning.

3.  Easyboot RX

These made my list because they've made it easier for me to keep the hoof clean.  Tommy wouldn't have gotten the outside turn out in the winter without them, because I had no way to keep debris from getting inside the hole in the hoof.  I did use vetrap under the boots because they rubbed the hair off in places and left it raw and bloody.

There are some cons.  I bought them the beginning of December, but waited until our next trim (12/27) to put them on.  By January 14th one of the boots had developed a hole at the velcro.  Guess what?  The warranty is only good for 30 days from purchase.  Since I put them on weeks after I ordered them, I was out of luck.  After wearing them for several weeks they loosened up quite a bit and now twist unless I wrap the hoof under them.  They also hold in heat and moisture like crazy; when I take them off the neoprene is warm and wet to the touch.

At $120 for the pair, they are one of the pricier solutions, but it's tough to find a boot to fit draft horse hooves!

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