Friday, March 4, 2011

Six months into treatment....February 17, 2011

I bought Tommy July 28, 2010. At the time he had an abscess that had come out of the top of the left front hoof just below coronary band. The abscess site closed and appeared to be healed up, so I had a few weeks of riding. His farrier appointment was in September, and when his shoes were pulled the farrier discovered that his new shoes (right before I bought him) had been put right overtop of the abscess. There is an actual HOLE in in his hoof. A hole. It's two thumbs wide and a pinky finger deep. Here is a picture:

Since September I have soaked, medicated, and wrapped his foot. The abscess will heal a bit, but continually re-abscesses. I have had the vet look at it in July, December, and January. We have done 2 rounds of antibiotics. We have done x-rays and there is no foreign material in the hoof showing up. I have EasyBoot Rx's that he wears in the front. He has been confined to a stall to try and keep the moisture out (thrush was a problem once I started booting). I have a barefoot/natural farrier, who is doing a great job working with Tommy now. While she's been trimming my other horse for a year, I'd been using a draft farrier for Tommy and so yesterday was her 2nd time with him. These are the photos from his second trim last night:

Right now the hole is still open to soft tissue and it is still infected. The outside of the hoof is hollow if you thunk it because the hole is so large. I am medicating and packing the hole, then vet wrapping, and putting the boots on. He's still confined to a stall or the indoor arena.

I'm decided to start this blog because I've never had an abscess last for 6 months, and I've definately never had a hole in the hoof like this. I've done Epsom salts, Clean Trax, Coppertox, Wonder Dust, NO Thrush, Ichthymnal, Iodine, and Magna Paste.  

It's now March and I decided to start this blog to chronicle his journey.

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