Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Tommy had a farrier appointment on Monday, May 23rd.  I was unable to be there due to a work audit, but Anita and Bill kindly offered to hold him as I'd already had to reschedule once before.  During his appointment my sweet Tommy angel developed a case of what I call the Foot Yanks.  We only had to deal with the Foot Yanks one other time, and that was when his original shoe was pulled off the bad foot.  I'd chalked it up to the pain from the abscess, and never thought another thing about it.  Either I was wrong and Tom has chronic Foot Yank whenever shoes are involved, or the hoof is still uncomfortable.  I'm not sure how to work on this with him, since it doesn't happen during my routine hoof care and medication, or his regular trimming.  We'll have to figure that one out later.

Anita assured me that he wasn't truly naughty; but unfortunately he was naughty enough that the new farrier is only willing to work on him until the hoof is healed and not a moment longer.  Since the new farrier hasn't responded to me yet, I'm not sure if he's even still willing to do that much.  Apparently the naughtiness meter is partially dependent upon the size and the weight of the horse - Foot Yank in a pony vs a draft horse are not graded the same!  

Fingers crossed, curb chain jingles, and positive thoughts that I'm not searching for another farrier please!

Here are some before and after photos to show the difference from February/March to May 23rd.  During the day to day cleaning and packing of the hole I didn't feel like it was growing out well, but I feel better after seeing the photos.  I can see a difference on the right side of the bottom of the hoof too.

Februrary 15th

February 24th

May 23rd

And now for the side views:

Feb 24th

May 23rd

And a couple showing the angles right after shoeing:



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