Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tommy's been in consistent light work for 2 weeks now, with 3 rides each week.  We've been out about 30 minutes each time.  It sounds so puny when I say it, but we're happy to be out there.  Tommy is particularly happy to be wading through the tall grass.  Tall grass that tickles your nose is made for nibbling, and Tommy is an expert nibbler.

He comes out of his stall a little stiff, but works out of it.  I'm noticing that he has lame steps where there is a sudden rise, or where the ground is rutted up.  I'm guessing that this is the ringbone/side bone finally showing up.  Last summer I never knew what was the arthritis and what was the abscess; so this will be our summer of discovery.

Our next farrier appointment will be coming up in July and I've been investigating some different pad options.  I know Dr. A and The Devil feels that the leather pad is fine and plenty shock absorbing, but I feel if that were the case we'd all be running around on steel and leather Nikes.  I've sent the new farrier a few links and he's given me some as well, so I'm sure that together we can figure out the right pad for Tommy.  My goal is to provide the whole hoof coverage that Dr. A wants, and the best shock absorption I can find for the ringbone.

Here's what I'm looking at right now:

Supracor Hoof Pad

Thinline Hoof Pad

Horse Trax

The Shock Tamer

Anyone have any experience with any of these pads?

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