Thursday, June 2, 2011

May's Vet Appointment

We had a date mixup that resulted in everything being pushed back a week, but we finally got it done.

Dr. A looked Tommy over and was pleased with the hoof growth.  It's growing in solid, and there's no infection remaining in the abscess hole.  Good news!  The bad news is that there is thrush in all four hooves.  I'd already known that the hind two were thrushy and had been treating that.  The front two were a surprise, but seems to be par for the course.  Dr. A talked over some options for the farrier appointment.

Prognosis right now is that we're another 16 weeks away from the hoof being whole enough to be back out on his full time turnout with run in shed; and fully healed by Christmas.  For now he's still able to go outside if there mud level is low enough not to ooze into the hole.

The best news is that Tommy is cleared for light riding!

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