Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ride for the Cure

I've found our next adventure!  Or at least our next attempted challenge...

It's on Saturday, October 1st at Ceasar Creek State Park in Waynesville Ohio and benefits the Susan G Komen for the Cure and the Kettering Medical Center Foundation for Women's Wellness Fund.

If you follow the link above you'll find the registration forms and you can come out and ride too!  If you're interested in a donation here is the link to their Pledge Form

They're having a group photo and everyone is invited to dress themselves and their horses in pink.  Tommy is not afraid to wear pink; however he does not own anything in pink.  I have pink capris.  I don't think I have anything in pink that's suitable for a fall trail ride though.  

Fingers crossed for us that Tommy is having a good day.

And one other thing....

I'm loving the pink font!

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