Monday, September 12, 2011

Windy Weather - Autumn is Here!

Hello Autumn!  We went from 100 degrees (literally!) to 50s and 60s overnight.  It’s been overcast and rainy, and suddenly my driveway has an excessive amount of fallen leaves.  What happened???
Tuesday’s weather was just too much for me to withstand - I love the wind rustling through the trees and seeing the leaves gently falling.  It was overcast and spitting rain, but I didn’t care.  Tom did care - he gave me the tip of his ear and that sideways look that said he was Not In the Mood.  I watched carefully and he was not showing any lameness.  “Oh well,” I told him.  “We all have to do things we don’t want to.”  So I saddled up and off we went.
Tom’s so funny; when he’s not in the mood to ride but has to go out anyway his goal is to get around the trail in as little time as possible.  He does not try to snatch a tasty morsel, he does not meander down the path, he strides right out, head up and ears half back.  His whole demeanor is one of getting this distasteful job over with as soon as possible.  The three deer who bolted from the corn field beside us, across our path, and into the trees were met with a flick of the ear.  They weren’t worth fooling with.  We still had half the loop to go, and by god we weren’t going to get distracted by the wildlife.  He even offered to trot 3 or 4 times and got bouncy when I refused him.  I love a big swinging walk, and Tom didn’t start out stiff at all.  

It was a marvelous ride.

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