Thursday, November 24, 2011

Operation Hospital Pads Keep Out Mud and Dirt: FAIL

Well that title pretty much sums it up.  

All the work Mark did to create those shoes and plate, and it's not working.  It's not "kinda" not working. There's not a little bit of dirt inside the plate.  It's REALLY not working.  There was mud packed into the hole, in the access area, and under some of the blue silicone.

Awesome.  Lots of rain of course.  While the pasture wasn't standing in mud everywhere there was definately mud around the main gate, water trough, hay rack, and the entry to the run in shed.  I cleaned it out and medicated it again.  I really packed the hole with the gauze this time to see if it made a difference.


So Tommy went straight from the horse pasture into a stall that opens onto an empty concrete feed lot.  It's not ideal for the ringbone by a long shot, but neither is not being able to clear out the Canker.  

I have another gripe too.

This hospital pad is a PAIN to get off and on.  I thought it would be No Problem.  Tommy's waaaay used to me working with his hooves.  This one in particular, and I thought it would be a simple matter of propping his hoof on my knee the way we used to do and taking off the plate.  


It's way more difficult.  Plus Tommy keeps shearing down the bolts so the socket wrench won't grab them.  And two of the four bolt threads in his $200 custom shoes are stripped.  So I can hardly get them in OR out.

I can't imagine having to deal with this all winter.  We haven't even had any sleet, snow, or  really cold weather yet.

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